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Technical Support and Consultancy for Schools


Having over 17 years experience of providing IT Support in the education sector is something we are very proud of.

We have partnerships with the largest providers of hardware and broadband in the UK which means we can pass on these savings to all of our schools. Our main aim is to give the best, most reliable service possible at extremely competitive rates.

- Flexible Approach to Support

Tailored packages to suit the needs of your school, staff and pupils. Friendly and dynamic technicians who will listen to what you really need and provide this totally.

- Remote Support

We have the latest remote software available which means we are able to remote into any machine around the world securely. This makes stressful times like report writing weeks easier for staff as we offer free remote support during these times, even if its half term.

- Remote Monitoring

We remotely monitor all aspects of your network to ensure that things keep running as much as possible. If a server goes down we will be the first to know about it and ensure it is resolved quickly, possibly before you even know about it.

- Emergency Visits

We will ensure we are on hand during any OFSTED inspections. We don't limit the amount of emergency visits that you can have for any hardware related issues.

- Engineer Reporting / Termly Reports

At the end of each visit a signed, digital engineer report will be provided so you know exactly what has been done that day. Termly reports are also included to highlight any potential issues that may have occurred. Our schools appreciate the accountability of reporting, as well as the opportunity to plan further IT support, from IT replacements and improvements

- Regular Audits and Consultancy 

Regular audits from our IT support consultants mean your IT networks stay up to date in the most cost effective manner. We’ll help you with forward planning and recommendations to help you develop and maintain cost effective IT systems to help you run your primary school.

- Dedicated Helpdesk for Each School

All schools have a free, individualised helpdesk that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Staff can be updated via email about the progress of a ticket or in some cases resolve the issue before we come on site.

- Broadband

Many schools are moving away from LEA broadband and getting improved broadband speeds. Clients are often surprised at the substantial improvement in connection and reduction in cost we can offer their schools. We are pleased to provide secure school broadband services which are designed especially for the unique needs of schools – maximising speed, safety and reliability.

- More Secure Networks

We take security very seriously which is why we will ensure that any admin passwords are changed regularly, old staff accounts disabled or deleted & Wifi Passwords kept securely. We will work with you to ensure that only the people you want have access to the data will.

We have worked in some of the most amazing schools around the North West over the past 17 years which makes us the right people to support your school’s technical needs.

All our staff are enhanced DBS checked and carry this with them at all times.


Is your IT network healthy? Is it costing you more than it should? Are there obvious cost savings you can make whilst improving the level of IT provision in your school?

Pentre Tech will visit you on-site and conduct our school IT healthcheck.

During our visit, we’ll look at how to solve your most frustrating IT challenges which steal classroom time and administrative resources.

We’ll identify genuine cost savings you can make whilst improving the reliability of your current IT provision.

The resulting report is yours to keep whatever you decide to do. 

Give us a call today to discuss. We have already been able to save schools hundreds each year on their current support contracts.

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